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CHCI Cornerstone Donors

Building Our Future, Together

CHCI’s 36th Annual Awards Gala on October 2, 2013 marked CHCI’s historic announcement, publicly launching our comprehensive campaign, Building Our Future, Together, before a crowd of more than 2,200 national leaders gathered in support of Latino youth.  That evening highlighted six of the nation’s leading companies that stepped forward to make seven-figure gifts to further our mission of educating and training the next generation of Latino leaders. These  “cornerstone” donations, from national and international titans Anheuser-Busch, Bank of America, Dell, PepsiCo, State Farm®, and Toyota, will support CHCI’s award-winning programs for thousands of high school, college and post-graduate students nationwide, furthering the organization’s mission of increasing Hispanic representation in leadership and highly-skilled professional roles in Washington, D.C., and across the country.

In order to meet the demand for educated, civic-minded leaders who reflect the growing diversity of our nation’s population, we must expand our programs and capabilities. Thanks to the commitment of these cornerstone donors, CHCI will be able to accomplish great things in the realm of community- and institution-building and ensure that more Latinos attain the American Dream. With 66,000 Latinos turning 18 every month and Hispanics comprising 74 percent of new entrants to the workforce in the next decade, it’s clear that the future strength of the U.S. is tied to the success of the Latino population, and these gifts demonstrate the commitment these companies have to supporting the future face of America.



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