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Resources for Parents

Academy for Educational Development 

AED addresses human development needs through education, communication and information in this country and throughout the world.  AED's School and Community Services Department develops partnerships between schools, families and communities through research and technical assistance in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs that foster such partnerships.

Family Support America

Family Support America, formerly Family Resource Coalition of America, promotes family support as the nationally recognized movement to strengthen and support families and places the principles of family support practice at the heart of every setting in which children and families are present. By identifying and connecting individuals and organizations that have contact with families; by providing technical assistance, training and education, conferences, and publications; and by promoting the voice of families, Family Support America is taking family support to scale as the national strategy for ensuring the well-being of our children today and in the years to come.

Institute for Educational Leadership  

The Institute for Educational Leadership's (IEL) mission is to improve education -- and the lives of children and their families -- through positive and visionary change. Every day, we face that challenge by bringing together diverse constituencies and empowering leaders with knowledge and applicable ideas. 

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund  

Founded in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) is the leading nonprofit Latino litigation, advocacy and educational outreach institution in the United States. 

National Coalition of Parental Involvement in Education  

National Coalition of Parental Involvement in Education’s mission is to advocate for the involvement of parents and families in their children's education, and to foster relationships between home, school, and community to enhance the education of our nation's young people.

Reading is Fundamental, Inc.  

RIF develops and delivers children's and family literacy programs that help prepare young children for reading and motivate school-age children to read regularly. Through a national network of teachers, parents, and community volunteers, RIF programs provide books and other essential literacy resources to children, at no cost to them or their families. RIF focuses highest priority on the nation's neediest children, from birth to age 11.

The Parent Institute

The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. The Parent Institute publishes a variety of materials including newsletters, booklets, brochures, and videos. 

Together We Can  

Leaders across America -- from neighborhoods to state houses, from parent groups to public and private agencies, from schools and social welfare organizations to economic development and community organizing groups -- are endeavoring to work together toward a shared vision for their communities and improved results for their children and families. Their mission is to strengthen and sustain the capacity of community collaboratives and state initiatives to move toward that shared vision.