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2015 Higher Education Briefing – Tracie Sánchez

March 16, 2015
11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Cannon House Office Building – Room 121

"Reaching for 2020: The Role of Latino Community College Success in National College Completion Goals"

Moderated by CHCI Higher Education Graduate Fellow Tracie Sánchez

2015 Higher Education Graduate Briefing White Paper - Tracie Sánchez

Ambitious national completion goals set by the Obama administration have prompted dialogue around unmet workforce demands, educational equity, and the role of Latino college completion. Although representing a significant portion of the American mosaic, educational attainment for Latinos remains relatively low, as they continue to face barriers towards college completion. In 2012, it is estimated that 21.3 percent of Latino adults had earned an associate’s degree or higher compared to a 40.1 percent average of adults in the country. To increase college completion among Latinos, federal policy must play a central role by ensuring sustained funding of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and advocating for more efficient streamlining of students from community college to four-year institutions. This briefing explores recommendations for re-authorization of the Higher Education Act, which advances the country’s push to once again become the most educated country in the world by addressing concerns of equity among Latino college students across the country.

Opening Remarks: 

Alejandra Ceja, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics


James Hermes,  Associate Vice President, Government Relations, American Association of Community College

Mark Mitsui,  Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges in the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education

Jose Luis Santos, PhD. Vice President of Higher Education Policy and Practice, The Education Trust

Eamonn Collins, Education Policy Advisor, U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce

The 2015 CHCI Capitol Hill Policy Briefing Series is the culmination of CHCI’s premier, nine-month Graduate Fellowship Program.