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CHCI's Ready To Lead (R2L) Program

Support CHCI's Ready to Lead (R2L) Program and provide a life-changing experience for a Latino high school student. Click here for sponsorship options or donate online.

Are You a High School Student Who is Ready to Lead?

Ready to Lead (R2L) Mission 
CHCI's Ready to Lead (R2L) program will help more Latino high school students enter post-secondary education by educating them on the college admissions and financial aid processes, motivating them to complete high school, and empowering them to serve and lead in their communities; all while instilling in them a belief that a college education is achievable.

Ready to Lead (R2L) Program Description
The intensive one-day program provides 9th and 10th grade Latino high school students with the tools and training necessary to prepare for college. The program is held on various college campuses across the country in cities with a high Latino population. Host cities during 2014 included:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • San Jose, CA
  • Washington, D.C.


The R2L Program includes workshop sessions on:

  • College Planning: Courses and activities that will support a competitive college application
  • Financial Literacy: A primer on financial basics from managing credit cards and checking accounts to saving for college, and resources for financial aid
  • Leadership Development: An introduction to the “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” to give students the tools to take leadership roles in their schools and communities
  • Mentoring Power Hour: An activity for students to engage in a fluid conversation with mentors, discussing the mentor's personal success story and learning ways to create their own

CHCI provides participants with:

  • Comprehensive training in three key areas necessary for college preparation: College Planning, Financial Literacy, and Leadership Development
  • Interaction with CHCI alumni who serve as role models and provide peer-to-peer interaction with students; specifically during the Mentoring Power Hour
  • Access to a local College/University campus environment; for many students, R2L provides them the opportunity to visit a college campus for the very first time
  • A copy of CHCI’s National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Students. Created by CHCI in partnership with State Farm Insurance Companies, this resource CD-ROM lists hundreds of sources for financial aid, as well as internships and fellowship opportunities
  • Copies of CHCI’s Student Educational Resources, which include a College Preparatory Tool Kit and the Guide to Planning for Financial Aid & Scholarships. These two fully bilingual publications, also created in conjunction with State Farm®, target Latino students and aim to minimize the perceived barriers to college attainment and affordability
  • An introduction to R2L program sponsors who share their personal testimony with participants; sponsors include AT&T, State Farm®, and USA Funds
  • Access to community leaders, including U.S. Members of Congress


Program Outcomes

  • Increased student awareness about courses and extracurricular activities that will support a competitive college application
  • Increased student confidence that financial aid resources are easily accessible
  • Increased student awareness in the importance of taking on leadership roles in their schools and communities
  • Students express a commitment to graduating from high school
  • Students have a positive attitude about going to college
  • Students understand the personal, professional, and societal benefits of completing a college degree
  • Access and exposure to local Latino professionals and college students through the Mentoring Power Hour activity
  • Exposure to information on a broad range of jobs and careers and insight on how to pursue a profession of interest

For any further information about participating in or sponsoring the Ready to Lead program, please email ProgramsR2L@chci.org.

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